How to come

The conference site is Hotel Perla Poludnia in Rytro about 100 km south-east from Kraków, between Stary Sącz and Piwniczna-Zdrój, close to the boundary with Slovakia.

If you go by car, then after entering into Rytro turn towards Roztoka Ryterska.
The GPS coordinates of Hotel Perla Poludnia: 20.65306 E, 49.48663 N.

There will be a special conference bus from AGH University in Cracow to the conference site in Rytro on Sunday afternoon at 16:00, as well as a return bus leaving the conference site on Friday at 13:00.

To reach AGH University from the Cracow airport, take a train from the terminal building and get off on the main railway station Kraków Główny (travel time 17 min., trains depart twice an hour).

After getting off the train at Kraków Główny railway station, take the stairs or elevator down into the station hall. There you can find direction signs.

There are two TAXI stands next to each of the exits from the station. The one next to a bus station is a bit closer, and it will be on your right when you leave the station hall. The other one, on Pawia street, has more taxicabs available, but it is behind a shopping centre (you will be guided by the signs through the centre). When you leave the centre, you will find the TAXI stand across the street, on your left. The target address is Reymonta 7 (AGH main entrance).

If you would like to take a bus, head for the bus station. The bus stop will be on your left when you leave the station hall. Then take a bus number 792 and get off at AGH/UR stop (5th stop, a 20-minute ticket is enough). Afterwards, go back in the direction from which the bus came and take the first turn left (Reymonta street). The meeting point will be about 200 meters away, on the right, behind a security barrier. On the gate there is a sign "BRAMA GŁÓWNA / Reymonta 7".
Other bus lines that run from the station area to AGH/UR stop include: 179, 189 and 304.

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